Nikita Thomas

Software Engineer - iOS, Blockchain, Web

CryptoCraft - Minecraft Blockchain Metaverse

CryptoCraft is building the #1 largest blockchain gaming network. Our blockchain integration layer is making blockchain gaming FUN and accessible to millions.We combine the everlasting fun gameplay of Minecraft with the community, tokenomics, and play-to-earn concepts of crypto.Play Minecraft. Earn Crypto.Tech: Solidity, Ether.js, React, Next.js

Riiid for GMAT - AI Tutor

Riiid's artificial intelligence predicts scores in each test subject and recommends problems that maximize increasing your test scores.Worked on a team of iOS developers to launch this app to production from scratch.Tech: TCA (Composable Architecture), GRPC, SwiftUI, WKWebView, SwiftGen, Localization.App Link

Pushup AR - Fun Workout Game

Pushup AR is a fun workout game using the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology to track your face though a pushup motion and move your character on screen.This fitness game is played by placing your phone on the floor and doing your pushups facing the screen. Your in-game character will use the latest AR vision technology to track your body movements.Tech: SwiftUI, SpriteKit, ARKit 3App Website
AppStore Link

Udemy Instructor Teaching SwiftUI

Multiple courses teaching SwiftUI for iOS.Over 2,000 students taught so far!Instructor Link

QuestionMe - Influencer Engagement Platform

Sole iOS Developer from conception to Appstore Launch.QuestionMe connects people with their favorite influencers like never before. Ask any question and get personalized text or video responses from the biggest stars! Tech: SwiftUI, Combine, Firebase Firestore/Auth/Cloud Functions, Stripe Payments, Stripe Connect Payouts.

Hangtag - Park and Go with your phone

Sole iOS Developer managing 500k+ monthly active users.Hangtag is a parking app providing transient parking across Canada & the US. Users can purchase ticket-less parking at any lot & easily extend hours from their phone at any time.Tech: RxSwift, Alamofire, Moya, Bitrise, Swift 5, Objective-C, Google Maps, WebView.App Link

Burn My Budget - Budgeting App

Sole iOS Developer from conception to Appstore Launch.Burn my budget easily shows you how many days you have until you run out of cash. Easily sync with your bank and stop the guesswork of figuring out how much you spend.
Shows your average weekly spending and allows you to adjust that up or down to change your Burn rate.
Tech: Plaid Bank

DogoChat - Fully Featured iOS App

Sole iOS Developer from conception to AppStore launch.DogoChat connects people with dog trainers to provide personalized advice and answer questions about behavior, health, and training. Tech: Firebase Database & Auth, Cloud Functions, Instant Messaging, Subscription IAP, Image Caching.

ezGym - Personal Project iOS App

ezGym gives gym goers a no-bs app to easily track workouts and provide motivation to improve resultsTech: CoreData

Facebook Advertising Agency Founder

Founded Facebook Advertising Agency in 2012.Specializing in aggressive digital marketing, let's scale your online business with profitable funnels.- Managed over $1.7 million in advertising budgets for medium sized companies.
- Trained teams in managing advertising campaigns and email marketing.
- Built automated email marketing systems resulting in 6-figure retargeting funnels.

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